grants we offer [INTERNAL]

ONLY IRL Cohort grants

we currently offer three grants to cover programming fees only, with dollar amount varying based on level of need.

tier one (2+)
tier two (1+)
tier three (1)

ONLY Club Membership/MTV grants

who is now also qualified for a grant?

  • Club members who aren't doing a cohort
  • New Club members who are joining an upcoming metaverse cohort

these grants should specifically be applied to the first year of membership — second year will default to full price but can discuss at the time it comes around with them the codes (below) do this automatically, but we should let prospective members know that this grant just covers the first year

Grant Amount
$1k (tier one)
$2.5k (tier one)
$3k (tier one)
$5k (VH ONLY)

*note these codes will work for Stripe payments. any payment collected in AT will need to be populated through the “Product” column

**note we won’t give grants out for venture house in most cases, investors should be able to afford membership. loop in houck if you get pushback

*importantly, if a club member is on a membership grant, they will still be eligible for grants on cohorts they choose to do later on — we should be more strict with awarding additional grants in these cases.

prop for grant allotments