jane squared

this role will provide applicants and potential members with information and guidance in a timely, hospitable, and truth bearing manner.

where i need support

what’s important

  • that we keep within our SLA time within 24 hours
    • “hey [first name], just confirming that we’ve received this email. we can get back to you with an update/answer shortly! thanks, jane”
  • that there isn’t too much team member switching

likely scenarios

  • any launch house team member loops in VA for supporting information on memberships, grant application, confirming start dates > VA to handle
  • va jane sets up call with jane for edge cases > jane to make final change
  • jane asks va jane to change cohorts, grant amount, products, etc.
  • applicant reaches out with a deferred acceptance > VA shares upcoming cohort information
    • check statuses as you go i.e deferred acceptances must be “Paid”
    • loops in jane > jane to make sure interest + availability match

what should i know

  • do you typically log into someone’s email?

material to reference

the vibe check + script of the future
the vibe check + script of the future