How to be a Better Founder

How to be a Better Founder


Patterns to Avoid

Two patterns to avoid as a founder

Preventing Burnout

manager’s toolkit to prevent burnout in your teams

Creativity Test

A 4-minute creativity test

Best Employees

What you should do with your best employees.

Accomplishing Things Quickly

Examples of things being accomplished very quickly, from Patrick Collison. Trust us, it's worth a read.

Caution: Wasting Money

cautionary tale about wasting $40k on a startup idea

Tim Urban

The internet teaches Tim Urban something interesting in one sentence.

Spreadsheets & Storytelling

Packy shared this piece on Twitter about the two foundational pillars of business: spreadsheets and storytelling.

Make your Startup Inevitable

How to make your startup inevitable.

Learning Method

Incremental learning is the learning method you didn’t know you needed

Successful Startups

21 lessons for building a successful startup from an experienced founder

Ideas that Suck

Startup ideas that sound great, but actually suck.

Podcast about Failed Startups

A podcast talking to YC founders whose startups failed.

Software tools

Click on any of the tools below to see what they do and their pricing

Tools and software

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