Self Improvement

Self Improvement


Learning Method

Incremental learning is the learning method you didn’t know you needed


Someone tested all the notebooks out there so you don’t have to.

Mental Health Management

solid guide on managing your mental health while running a startup

Complex Material

Making sense of complex material more efficiently

Organize your Thoughts

Keep your thoughts organized with a memory palace


You're using email wrong

Career Mission Statement

Sam Altman strongly recommends writing a personal career mission statement

Roam-Based Workflow

Roam-based workflow that lets you visualize your note taking

Planner App

We like this minimalist, privacy-focused planner app

Personal Knowledge Management System

How to build a personal knowledge management (PKM) system

Live a Better Life

A simple guide to living a better life.

Making Decisions

How to make decisions like a poker player

Systems Thinking Tools

collection of tools for systems thinking

Software tools

Click on any of the tools below to see what they do and their pricing

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